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Frequently Asked Questions | Uniworld Boutique River Cruises

Europe Boutique River Cruises FAQs

We hope that the information provided below will help answer any questions you may have about Uniworld Boutique River Cruises. If you have any questions or concerns not answered here, please contact your travel agent.

Q: What is the recommended clothing or attire while onboard your cruises?
A: Prepare for a variety of weather conditions, depending on your travel season and the regions you will be cruising through. Layering clothing items is always your best bet, as this allows you to adjust to any temperature, including artificially maintained temperatures, by removing or adding items throughout the day. 

Comfortable, sporty, smart-casual daywear is appropriate both onshore and onboard. Everyday slacks, khakis, walking shorts, and everyday skirts/dresses are recommended. For warmer temperatures, we suggest lightweight clothing that can be layered, such as a mix of sweaters, lightweight knit shirts, slacks, and walking shorts. For early spring and late fall departures, you’ll find sweatshirts, heavier cotton or wool tops and long-sleeved shirts, and corduroy or heavy khaki pants perfectly suitable. Mix-and-match color schemes work best to help keep baggage light. You will participate in a significant amount of walking over uneven terrain during your time ashore. We recommend comfortable walking shoes with good ankle support. Sturdy sandals are another good option.

For evenings, any resort-type wear is perfectly suitable; however, we do ask that you not wear shorts to dinner. Men may want to bring one sport jacket for dressier restaurant venues and for special events onboard such as the Captain’s Welcome and Farewell festivities. Women find that a cocktail dress or two always comes in handy no matter the destination.

Don’t forget to pack a lightweight, waterproof jacket (preferably hooded), or even a heavier-weight windbreaker for colder temperatures.

Q: What are the tipping guidelines?
A: Beginning in 2014, all onboard and onshore gratuities are included during the cruise and cruise/tour portion of your trip, including pre- and post-cruise extensions purchased in conjunction with your cruise and cruise/tour in Europe.

Q: Where do I locate information about the weather during my cruise?
A: Today, weather forecasts are widely available at the click of a button on the Internet. Uniworld’s favorite resource for up-to-the-minute international weather is features a very informative vacation-planner tool that you may find useful.

Q: Is smoking allowed on shore excursions/tours?
A:  Smoking is not allowed while on the motorcoach, and many historical venues now request that visitors not smoke anywhere on site. We ask all our guests who smoke not to 
do so while on excursions/tours.

Q: How can I book the optional excursions while on the ship?
A: Reservations for the optional excursions on your cruise can be made directly with your Cruise Manager onboard the ship. Charges for optional excursions will be added to your onboard account. On pre- and post-cruise extensions, payment for optional excursions will be made directly with your Local Host via credit cards. We cannot accept cash payments for optional excursions. A briefing will be held the day prior to go over any information you may need to make an informed purchase decision. Operation of optional excursions is subject to a minimum number of participants. No refunds are available for any optional excursions canceled by the guest within 24 hours of the start of the excursion, or if the excursion was pre-purchased.

Q: Is there laundry service onboard the ship?
A: It depends on the ship. Please contact to find out if the ship has laundry facilities or laundry service.

Q: Is there Internet access onboard your ships?
A: Please contact to find out if Internet access is available on a particular ship or view the ship information page. Some ships have Wireless Internet Service (Wi-Fi) available. 

Please note: The Internet connection might not be available in remote areas, while sailing, or when transiting locks. Expect the connectivity speed to be slower than your home connection.

Q: Which direction of the cruise should I book? Is one better than the other?
It does not matter which direction you choose, as each direction contains the same included features. Timings of activities may, of course, vary a little due to cruising times up- or downstream, but you will not see or do more in one direction than in the other. The progression of your journey may be a matter of preference. For example, for the Eastern European cruises, you might want to start in Eastern Europe and work your way up to Western Europe, or you may prefer to do the opposite.

Q: Which itinerary would you recommend?
A: For first-time river cruise passengers without a special interest in a particular region, an excellent first cruise choice is Amsterdam to Budapest. This journey will introduce you to four countries and many must-see sites, including Rothenburg, Nuremberg, Budapest, and Vienna, as well as hidden gems like Wertheim and Miltenberg. Cruising highlights include the romantic Rhine, the scenic Wachau Valley, and the Main-Danube-Canal—a marvel of modern engineering.

Second- or third-timers who have done Amsterdam to Budapest or Amsterdam to Vienna, and who are interested in the cultures and traditions of Eastern Europe, may enjoy a Black Sea Cruise such as "Imperial Capitals of Europe." Those who prefer to stay in Western Europe and enjoy lots of daytime sailing and lovely scenery will love "Imperial Capitals of Europe."

If you have already cruised along the Rhine, Main, and Danube rivers, we would suggest taking in the fabulous scenery along Portugal and Spain's Douro River—a real hidden gem. The entire Douro River Valley is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Russia also offers sensational sightseeing, and our "Imperial Waterways of Russia" takes you to the best sights along the Volga River. Please note that while our Douro River and Russian cruises are offered on some of the most comfortable ships of the region, they may not have all the amenities of a Uniworld company-owned ship.

Q: Do we always dock in the heart of the city?
A: It depends; in many places you will dock within walking distance to the city center, but there are places where the river only touches the outskirts of a town (i.e. Bamberg or Nuremberg), and thus a motorcoach transfer is necessary.

Q: Is there a lot of walking on the tours?
A: As we visit mostly historic cities, many of the tours are partly or entirely walking tours. Cobblestones are also very common in Europe. To be able to fully enjoy all excursions, passengers should be in good health and able to walk well (including up and down stairs); otherwise they may not be able to participate in all the tours. River ships are not wheelchair accessible.

Q: Are there ever any other ships docked next to us?
A: Yes, this happens and is a normal part of river cruising. As river cruising has become more popular, traffic on the rivers has increased, and it is perfectly normal to moor next to another ship or sometimes even between two ships. The assignment of the exact berthing is up to the harbor authorities of the port of call, and neither Uniworld nor the Captain of the ship has any control or influence over this.

Q: On what side of the ship should I book the stateroom?
It does not matter, as there is no "better" side of the ship. On some days, port-side staterooms will be docked facing the shore; on other days it will be the starboard-side staterooms.

River cruise ships always dock facing upstream. Views from cabins may occasionally be restricted when the ship is docked, particularly when other ships dock next to our ship. River ships often dock next to each other, as docking spots are limited. The Harbor Master is always in control of this, not the ship’s Captain.

Q: If during our cruise a Christmas Market is closed, what do we do?
A: There is usually an arrangement made for a city tour and/or free time to spend in the city center.

Q: Can our Uniworld cruise/tour booking be extended or customized?
Yes. For many itineraries, guests have optional extensions to choose from.  For registered groups of 10 or more passengers, customization is available.

Q: Are we able to take our children and is there an age restriction?
Passengers who are under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult who is 21 years of age or older. Uniworld’s long-term experience is that most young children (especially those under 8 years of age) do not enjoy or appreciate the river cruise experience. There are no special arrangements, activities, or accommodations for children on Uniworld river cruises and tour programs. An exception to this is our Multigenerational Family-Friendly Cruise Program, which is offered on select itineraries during the summer months. Please contact your travel agent for more details. Adults accompanying children are responsible for their behavior during the trip. 

Q: Is there entertainment onboard the ship?
Yes, depending on the itinerary, there could be local performers or musicians offering entertainment onboard the ship.

If you have anymore questions, please contact or read our cruise guides.