Boutique sailing with Uniworld: the luxury river cruise touch
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Boutique sailing with Uniworld: the luxury river cruise touch

Designed with the same elegant flair and run with the same attentive precision, Uniworld ships reflect the benefits of a close partnership with our sister company, the Red Carnation Hotels. Together, we combine our expertise to present the world’s “ONLY” authentic boutique hotel experience on the water.

A boutique hotel is a stylish and exclusive enclave, meant to stimulate the senses and nourish the soul. Uniworld’s partnership with Red Carnation Hotels, an award-winning group of five-star luxury boutique properties, guarantees a first-class experience—one where expectations are always met, and often exceeded. 

Beatrice Tollman, the founder, president, and guiding designing light of Red Carnation Hotels, has personally placed her stylish stamp on each meticulously crafted Uniworld ship. Everything we do has one goal in mind:delighting you. Mrs. Tollman’s selection of fine art and antiques from private collections and world-renowned auction houses ensures that every moment you spend onboard is as memorable as those you spend onshore.

Each Uniworld ship carries its own cachet, and each has a unique story to tell. Rich in character, spectacular in design, and unyielding in attention to every detail, your ship is more than just a way to get from one destination to the next: it’s a place for discovery and enjoyment. A grand sapphire Baccarat chandelier from New York’s famed Tavern on the Green lends interest and history. A petite Picasso watches over a cozy sitting area, while a working fireplace warms another. Images of Hollywood royalty line the walls of a satin-upholstered corridor, inviting movie enthusiasts to indulge in a bit of trivia. There’s a visual feast at every turn. Public spaces, suites, and staterooms are all afforded the same level of thoughtful design, resulting in a symphony of detail and harmony. We are happiest when you feel you are a respected guest in the finest of homes—ours.

True five-star luxury is felt as much as seen. Fine hoteliers make their guests feel welcome in many ways, but most importantly by getting to know them and being aware of their personal preferences. It’s a pleasure when the waiter remembers how you like your eggs prepared “sunnyside up” at breakfast, or when the bartender knows you prefer your favorite drink with that little extra twist. It’s the captain stopping by your dinner table to continue the conversation you began yesterday, or the housekeeper remembering that you like herbal tea in the afternoon. Just like our ships, we truly understand that each of our guests has individual tastes and preferences. Special touches let you know how much we appreciate you and how dedicated we are to providing exactly what you desire, exactly when you desire it.